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ZUBI® Pilot F30



The ZUBI® Pilot F30 is the perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures. Its lightweight and versatile design make it easy to carry, while the leak-guarded thermal storage capacity ensures that your drinks stay cold all day long. The cooler is also designed to be very spacious, with enough room to store up to 30 x 12 oz. cans or food items. This cooler makes it perfect for a wide range of activities, especially for camping and fishing.

The ZUBI® Pilot F30 will keep your food and beverages fresh and tasty,


Below listed features apply to ZUBI® Soft-sided coolers.

  1. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers can be used as cold or hot bags.
  2. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers are 2 sizes in 1 (easily convert from one size to the other in under 30 seconds)
  3. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have always dry food and drink storage cavities.
  4. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have nearly double the storage capacity as compared to any other brand (Premium and Non-Premium).
  5. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have nearly double the ice retention over leading brands.
  6. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have more than one custom-made refrigeration style seal to better mitigate thermal loss.
  7. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have more standard features at no extra charge when compared to any other brand of coolers.

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  • The ZUBI® Pilot F30 is lightweight, versatile, and has the capacity to carry 30 cans of your favorite 12 oz. beverage.
  • Plus, the waterproof design is leak guarded, ensuring maximum thermal storage capacity.
  • Whether you’re spending a day out on the water or just need something to keep you hydrated.
  • Take it to the park, pool, beach, or anywhere you need food that stays cold or hot which you need.
  • It is used by hunters that would bring along a bag of ice with their food items inside it to keep them fresh for several hours.
  • The cooler is a great choice for those who need a durable and spacious option.
  • It ZUBI® Pilot F30 has a capacity that comes with a number of features that make it ideal for all sorts of activities.
  • The cooler is made with an innovative dual-wall construction that uses two layers of insulation to keep your drinks and food cold.
  • This also makes it very durable and able to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.
  • It also comes with a number of handy features, such as a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport, a built-in bottle opener for convenience, and a drainage port that allows you to easily empty out any melted ice.

ZUBI® Pilot  Specification

Weight (lbs.)  4.41
Weight (KG)    2
Length (cm)  19.30 in.                 49cm.
Width (cm) 11.81 in.                   30cm.
Height (cm) 16.34 in                  41.5cm
Price 299.99
Color Blue, Grey, Khaki, White
Capacity  30, 12oz cans plus room for ice

NOTE:- Final appearance, dimensions and capacity may be different.

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Blue, Grey, Khaki, White


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