How the idea of
inventing ZUBI® Coolers popped in our minds

Premium Ice chest Cooler and host box | Hard Cooler 50-80

Keeping drinks cold while preserving food and catch of the day was one of the top three things to plan for every family trip for brothers Ali and Sharaz, whether it’s camping or fishing. Many outings are frustrated by food spoiling, sandwiches floating in the mud, and drinks start to get warm. Had to make long drives to get more ice and sometimes had to deal with “out of stock” signs. I couldn’t handle my anger and frustration. The average cooler could not stand up to this challenge, and investments were made in premium, high-quality coolers that cost much more, but were unsuccessful. All these coolers could do was survive grizzly bears and keep food and drinks cold for a day or two (under real conditions). The expensive luxury cooler made the bag much lighter, but the inevitable only delayed him a day or two.


Concerns about ice retention and when and how far you have to go to get more have always been frustrating and extremely uncomfortable. To have fun, we went out into the great outdoors, but we had to make sure our food didn’t spoil, our drinks didn’t get hot, and our game didn’t spoil.

On one such trip in 2014, the hassle and pain of dealing with a mess of melted ice cream left me wondering how I could stop the monkeys from filling up the coolers with ice, watching the ice melt and making a mess. It made me wonder if I could put things away and replace the ice after  every 2-5 days. As soon as I finished the brainstorming session, the inspiration came to me in the most beautiful way. Instead of snapping your fingers, just press a button to reach your desired goal. The solution came to us in the form of a brand new invention of technology that no one had ever invented. Behold, the ZUBI® Cooler was born. The volume of products transported in the coolbox has tripled in no time!! 


Almost two years of research, development and refinement have gone into the realization of the ZUBI® Coolers. To make this possible, we had to invent and develop a technology, develop a system, and combine it with other existing technologies to bring our vision to life. After repeatedly encountering problems, some modifications were made to the design to finally pave the way for a usable design.

Deserving Sapiens For Zubi® Coolers:

Let us not forget the men and women in uniform who serve our country with pride. We consider ZUBI® to be a great companion for soldiers, traveling comfortably with them to remote outposts and from there into combat situations, providing them with the drier goods and the coldest drinks on the battlefield. . Don’t they deserve the best? We know they do! 


We are committed to manufacturing ZUBI® Coolers and other ZUBI® accessories to the highest quality standards using the finest materials and workmanship. For those who want only the best and need to get the best possible value for their hard earned money. We feel happy when we see our vision come to life. Whether you're picnicking, tailgating, backyard barbecues, outdoor hunting, lake fishing or open sea road trips, he offers his ZUBI® self ice cooler and its wide range of accessories. I am glad that I can. fun activity.


To envision ZUBI® as a convenient tool for creating extra cold storage for your home in the event of an unfortunate event such as a natural disaster, power outage, disaster relief, forestry or firefighting. increase. After all, aside from forest firefighters, I can't think of anyone who deserves a quick cold drink in scorching temperatures.

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Innovator , Inventor & Co-founder

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