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ZUBI® Gote 30



Whether you’re having drinks with friends or traveling abroad, this cool tote will keep them ice cold and fresh no matter what! This bag has patented always dry cavity storage that makes sure your snacks stay healthy throughout any adventure.

The ZUBI® Gote 30 will keep your food and beverages fresh and tasty,


Below listed features apply to ZUBI® Soft-sided coolers.

  1. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers can be used as cold or hot bags.
  2. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers are 2 sizes in 1 (easily convert from one size to the other in under 30 seconds)
  3. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have always dry food and drink storage cavities.
  4. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have nearly double the storage capacity as compared to any other brand (Premium and Non-Premium).
  5. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have nearly double the ice retention over leading brands.
  6. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have more than one custom-made refrigeration style seal to better mitigate thermal loss.
  7. All ZUBI® Soft Sided Coolers have more standard features at no extra charge when compared to any other brand of coolers.

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  •  ZUBI® Gote 30 is the world’s first water heat storage system that also acts as an ice-protective cooler.
  • The patented design prevents harmful sunlight exposure when you open your faucet cover and accelerates melting of existing cubes in less than 10 minutes!
  • With triple insulation, this revolutionary product will keep your family safe from harm even during hot weather
  • It stores energy for longer periods without running out or depleting too quickly like other products on store shelves today; all while being upgradeable at any time without affecting performance
  • ZUBI® Gote 30 is the perfect cooler for any adventure.
  • Not only does it keep food cool and dry, but its durable construction can withstand water testing far better than other brands’ products even with years of use!
  • With three times as many storage spaces in your device compared to competitors’
  • You’ll have no trouble fitting more items inside without worry about molding or digesting from spoilage due to moisture getting trapped inside over time like happens sometimes when users don’t store their groceries properly
  • It also has a patented storage cavity that keeps food dry regardless of how long you store them.


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